DEWA Student Hackathon 2017

 In Engineering

University of Bolton, Acedemic Centre Rak, Achieved 2nd position in Technology Theme

DEWA Student Hackathon by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) powered by SquareCircle Tech held on 7th and 8th April 2017, is an innovation challenge for UAE University students, an arena for software developers and hardware makers, a platform to present your big idea and create solutions around Sustainability, Stakeholder Happiness, Technology and 10X Disruption , invite students from UAE Universities who will create innovative and impactful solutions around the 4 themes over a 24-hour period.

The event seeks to celebrate the spirit of innovation and promote budding talent in the UAE. Winners will get cash prizes from Dubai Electricity & Water Authority.

It was a 24 hours event were more than 27 universities participated in this event and all the students stayed all night to create a solution that can solve the problems of DEWA.

Team from UOB, Acedemic Centre Consists of

  1. Osama Khan -Computing 2nd Year
  2. Muhammed Rasly Muhammed Sameen – Computing 3rd Year
  3. Ogheneovie Ralph Otutu – Computing 2nd Year
  4. Joyce Moheb Fahmy Tawadros – Computing 2nd Year
  5. Safar Manzoor  -Computing 3rd Year
  6. Fazal Hussain Javed – MSc IT 2nd Year
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