Affordability & accessibility are at the forefront of everything that we do with the focus at all times being on ‘Providing the best value education affordably’

In keeping with our explicitly laid our strategy we have consistently awarded scholarships worth over AED 2 million over the last 10 years since our inception

Over 80% of our students enjoy some form of scholarships with a majority of these scholarships being awarded for academic performances at their high school leaving examinations

The scholarship process requires all students desirous of gaining scholarships to submit a detailed application which is then vetted by a scholarship committee. The scholarship committee reviews each application based on set criteria that caters for almost all of the mainstream high school educational systems which include the Indian, Pakistan, Sri Lankan, Fillipino, Egyptian, Nigerian, Ghanian, Bangladeshi, IBO, British O & A Levels, VET amongst others

In addition to scholarships awarded based on high school performances we do have other scholarship schemes created to attract talent and examples of these maybe:

  • Women in Engineering Scholarships
  • Scholarships for students from RAK Based Schools
  • 100 % Scholarship for School Toppers
  • International Merit Scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds
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