The University of Bolton, Academic Centre- Ras Al Khaimah, UAE has since its inception strived to get its students work- place ready. The effort is to ensure that students undertake various activities designed to improve their chances at finding employment and these typically included practice interviews, career fairs, seminars with career consultants et.al

Apart from activities listed above which happen in the last year of the student’s programme we have firmly believed that Internships form an integral part of the student’s academic tenure with us

The University of Bolton, Academic Centre- Ras Al Khaimah, UAE has built extensive linkages with employers from across industry verticals who have worked with us over the last 12 years. A pivotal part of the engagement with employers is provision of Internships to students seeking to undertake one

While many students opt to undertake internships in Year 2 & 3 of their undergraduate programme we have had students start internships as early as the Foundation year of their academic tenure with the University

There have been instances of students go back to the same firm over multiple years and in some cases their performance at the internships have resulted in them finding gainful employment even before they graduate.

Internship coordinators at the University work continuously expanding the employer base at the University – the employer base now stands at over 100 companies that support the University and its students by providing short & long term internships, opportunities for graduates to interview for positions that may be open at different times apart from providing careers related support to the students.

We would encourage every student at the University to boost their employability chances by ensuring that they undertake at least one internship during their academic programme of study.

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