Engineers Real World Challenge 2017

 In Civil Engineering

1st Prize won by University of Bolton – Academic Centre RAK

The event was held on 31st March 2017 and was co-sponsored by IStrutE, ICE and DBB(Dutco Balfour Beatty) and is meant for civil engineering students. Civil engineering students from University of Bolton – Academic Centre RAK have emerged as the winners out of 6 teams after facing a tough day filled with unexpected emergency scenarios with their problem solving skills .

The experience provided the students a real life site practice and TWO months internship with DBB as the prize for the winners!

Team from UOB – Academic Centre RAK consists of

  1. Emmanuel Odera Igwebuike -Civil Engineering 3rd Year
  2. Farwa Ashraf  – Civil Engineering 2nd Year
  3. Md Abu Farhan – Civil Engineering 3rd Year
  4. Caryll Berches Baisus – Civil Engineering 3rd Year
  5. Mirwas Sakhidad -Civil Engineering 3rd Year
  6. Waheed Aslam Butt -Civil Engineering 3rd Year
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