BSc (Hons) Psychology

BSc (Hons) in Psychology Dubai here at the University of Bolton UAE, you’ll have the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the subject in terms of the science and theories of psychology, and their application in everyday life.
You’ll explore a range of core modules that provide a strong grounding in study and research methods, as well as a deep understanding of the science of psychology. There’s also the option to choose specialised modules according to your areas of interest, or that relate to a particular career path you wish to follow after graduation.

Duration: 3 Years, 6 semesters

Start Dates: January, June, September

Mode of Study: Full Time

Entry Requirements BSc (Hons) in Psychology:

For Science/Commerce programmes an aggregate of 65% and above is mandatory. A final offer will be given after review of all your original transcripts & 12th grade result. If you don’t meet the entry requirements for this course please consider our BSc (Hons) Psychology with foundation year course.


Why Study BSc (Hons) Psychology at University Of Bolton, RAK?

You’ll have an opportunity to carry out a work placement module in an approved professional setting

The University of Bolton’s BSc (Hons) Psychology degree develops knowledge of human behaviour and research, statistics, and writing skills. It can provide a foundation for many careers. The more traditional routes include clinical, forensic, occupational, educational, health, sport and exercise psychology and counselling, as well as teaching and research. Psychology graduates excel in roles that involve working with a range of complex issues and have the skills to develop a strong understanding of areas that are new to them relatively quickly.

As a psychology graduate, you’ll possess key employability skills such as high order analysis, problem-solving, communication, interpersonal awareness, IT and data handling, teamwork, and research skills.

You’ll also have support throughout your degree from your personal tutor, part of our team of helpful and approachable psychology staff who possess a diverse range of research interests.

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  • High Academic Standards
  • UK Accredited British Degree
  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Transfer options to UK Campus / Study Trips
  • Academic Merit Scholarships

The BSc (Hons) in Psychology programme requires 360 credits to be successfully established for the award BSc (Hons) Psychology; 120 credits at HE4, 120 credits at HE5 and 120 credits at HE6.

PSC4001 Introduction to research methods in psychology
PSC4009 Understanding the person
PSC4003 Cognitive & biopsychological perspectives
PSC4004 Exploring psychology I
PSC4005 Exploring psychology II
PSC4008 Applied psychology
PSC5011 Personality and developmental psychology
PSC5004 Cognitive psychology
PSC5005 Biopsychology
PSC5006 Social and critical psychology
PSC5007 Research methods in psychology
PSC5008 Occupational psychology
PSC6001 The honours project
PSC6006 Abnormal psychology
PSC6007 Children’s learning and development
PSC6019 Social neuroscience
PSC6020 Applied experience

Colleges in Dubai for BSc Degree in Psychology in Dubai, UAE

• You’ll be guided to explore the theories and concepts of psychology that apply to a wide range of human behaviour, including the philosophical, historical and social issues that have influenced the study and practice of psychology.

• You’ll have the chance to examine the relevance of psychology across the spectrum of human activity, including criminal behaviour, the psychology of cyberspace, therapeutic practices, and group and individual behaviours.

• We’ll explain the methods of psychological research, including collecting and analysing data, and encourage you to explore key skills such as accessing and evaluating information and effective communication skills.

• Throughout the course, you’ll be encouraged to devise, implement and write up research projects that focus on psychological phenomena.

• Personal supervision from staff throughout the
course ensures you have the best possible opportunity to achieve your true potential. The course team is also committed to maximising your opportunities for future graduate-level employability.

Colleges in Dubai for BSc Degree in Psychology in Dubai, UAE

A BSc (Hons) in Psychology degree develops knowledge of human behaviour, as well as research, statistics, and writing skills. As a BSc psychology graduate, you can expect to have gained the following key employability skills: high order analysis, research skills, problem solving, interpersonal awareness, communication skills, and the ability to develop arguments supported by relevant evidence, team work, and IT and data handling skills.

• Probation work
• Prison work
• Careers advice
• Social work
• Counselling
• Family mediation and support
• Teaching and education
• Nursing
• Human resources
• Police service
• Market research
• Play therapy
• Advice work
• Media and advertising
• Communications
• Sport and recreation
• Brand consultancy

Colleges in Dubai for BSc Degree in Psychology in Dubai, UAE

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