Master of Business Administration

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA, UAE) could be your chance to take your career to the next level. This stimulating course explores the skills required to tackle complex, strategic business challenges, giving you the opportunity to grow as a leader in almost any field you choose.
The MBA Degree course covers vital skills and knowledge that can be applied in almost any organisation, such as developing awareness of management and leadership practices, developing creative and systematic approaches to underlying business issues, and understanding how business and management practices can be improved.

Duration: 18 months – 2 years

Start Dates: January, June, September

Mode of Study: Part Time


Entry Requirements:

You are normally expected to have successfully completed an honours degree (or equivalent) in a relevant subject and have appropriate work experience. You may be required to attend an interview and/or provide a portfolio of work.


Why Study Master of Business Administration at University Of Bolton, RAK?

MBA course offers you the chance to join a well-established postgraduate community and study alongside fellow professionals aiming for a senior career in management.

Teaching and supervision is delivered by a dedicated team of experienced and well-qualified staff drawn from business and academia.

You’ll be given access to a research and study skills module which will assist in your studies.

You’ll have opportunities to work with experienced academics to undertake your own research and develop your own areas of expertise.

We offer opportunities for you to engage directly with local and regional organisations, many with internationally significant presence, as part of the learning process.

  • High Academic Standards
  • UK Accredited British Degree
  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Transfer options to UK Campus / Study Trips
  • Academic Merit Scholarships

On completion of 180 credits enables the award of MBA.

MBA 7020 Research and study skills

MBA 7021 Leadership and management

MBA 7022 Financial Management and Decision Making

IMA 7001 International Marketing Management

MBA 7026 Strategic Management

MBA 7025 Human Resource Management

MBA 7024 Change Management

MBA 7016 Research Methods

MBA 7017 Dissertation


This course aims to develop your critical knowledge of organisations, their management and the complex business issues they face.

You’ll have the chance to apply research and analysis skills, culminating in a Master’s level dissertation.

A Research and Study Skills module is available to all students on the full-time MBA programme. This module is designed to provide a strong base upon which to develop the academic skills required for study.

Teaching is conducted by a highly-dedicated team, with specialist knowledge in a wide range of subject areas and close links to business and industry.

Course materials are available online, allowing you to prepare work at home and ensuring in-class learning is highly interactive


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Popular options for MBA graduates include human resource management, investment banking, management consultancy, marketing and supply chain management. An MBA is also highly respected around the world, so if you’re interested in a global business career then it could be beneficial particularly as qualifications from UK business schools are so well regarded. It can also help you to specialise in your current sector, or a new industry that you want to move into.

Graduates can also use the qualification to enter a range of other careers, and for some of these roles, both relevant experience and/or postgraduate study may be required. Some of these careers include:
• Accountancy
• Hotel and leisure management
• Public relations
• Financial management
• Information systems
• Market research analysis
• Product management
• Health policy and information
• Purchasing
• Teaching and education
• Media (TV, film, online, newspaper, magazine)
• Advertising
• Self-employment
• Logistics
• Banking
• Auditing and quality assurance
• Project management

Master of Business Administration – UAE