8Th Global Conference of Business Management and Social Sciences (8th GCBMS)

17th and 18th March 2023 (online)

“The New Normal for Businesses, Technologies, Governments, and the Socio-Economic Fabric; How to Sustain in This Unsustainable and Volatile Situation”

The organizing committee of GCBMS-2023 warmly invites you to attend the 8th Global Conference on Business Management and Social Science (GCBMS-2023). GCBMS-2023 will be co-hosted by the Academy of Business Management Conferences (ABMC) and the University of Bolton (UOB) Academic Center Ras Al-Khaimah. The previous conference received an immaculate response on its theme “Leadership & Entrepreneurship; post-COVID-19 challenges, opportunities, and advancements with special reference to Business Management and Social Sciences” where keynote speakers from Harvard, Oxford, UCLA, MIT, and researchers from across the globe shared their research on different topics related to the theme, you can find a few presentations on our YouTube channel.

This year’s theme “The new normal for businesses, technologies, governments, and the socio-economic fabric; how to sustain in this unsustainable and volatile situation” is selected considering the new landscape which has reshaped the global environment, the new normal is how businesses, technologies, societies, health management, governments work and are trying to make the economies, businesses and societies successful and sustainable. The Post-Covid (maybe it’s not 100%
correct to say “POST” yet, but with a light of optimism, we are advancing), landscape is changed, businesses, societies, the governments have gone through a tough time and now are forced to accept this new normal. Where new waves of Carona virus struck and economies have to ‘brace for impact’ and resume their operations immediately after the danger settles. The research domains of business and social sciences have broadened more than ever, there is a dire need for new research in
this new volatile context, furthermore, to revisit previous research, philosophies, theories, and notions and test them for the new times.

The 8th GCBMS-2023 provides a platform to meet professionals from across the globe, hence, 8th GCBMS-2023 is an effort to bring together a blend of multidisciplinary scholars, filled with an ambition to transform ideas into reality, academia and industry will be together to exchange futuristic research direction and stipulation. The 8th GCBMS-2023 invites keynote, invited speeches, plenary sessions, oral/poster presentations related to business management and social sciences, other disciplines are also welcome, unless and until they address the theme. Once again, It is a great honor for us to invite you to this great event.

Abstract submission is open, submit abstract/paper at register@gcbms.org or register.gcbms@gmail.com

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