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Nowadays, finding a job can be challenging. A simple answer on why it is difficult is because there is immense competition. So, we and our resumes need to stand out from others. But, some extra effort to get the job that we need is always a wonderful thing.  Learning about some software that is used in most organizations can be very beneficial. It doesn’t mean to study everything but some that can be handy in your field of interest. Here are some of the useful and convenient software that is demanded from most of the organizations in 2021 (suggested for marketing, finance, etc).


Xero: Interested in Finance and Accounts? Xero is for you, similar to excel but much more than that. This software can do wonders. It helps the user to understand the overall financial health of the company and easy company transactions. It is accessed anywhere, anytime.


HubSpot (software): It is a marketing software that helps the business to sell the product more effectively. It is also a CRM software that can take care of customer-related services. Having huge benefits like optimizing inbound marketing strategy, boosting sales by attracting visitors, better lead management, etc., it is one of the beneficial software to have.


KNIME Analytics platform: data analyst is one of the very demanded jobs. So, how can we miss to suggest useful software for them? KNIME Analytics platform is for creating data science and information workflow. It makes the users create the data workflow and use them very effortlessly in their work.


Salesforce: This software is well-known. It is familiar with customer relationship management. It also helps in marketing, sales, IT-related work, commerce, and much more.


SAP (System Application and Product in Processing): who won’t know about SAP. One of the worlds leading (enterprise resource planning) software systems for data processing and information flow. It always plays a crucial role in the operation of an organization. Learning about this software can benefit us and making us move forward in this digital world.


Adobe (Photoshop):  If you are interested in graphic designing, video, and photo editing, then this is the right software for you.

It is an essential software to learn for all graphic designers out there. With various benefits like having numerous editing features, it is popular and demanded in almost every organization where photoshop plays a vital role.

To conclude, we can understand that learning some software and developing this skill can be advantageous for us to get the job that we need. Some companies would mention already that they need to recruit a person who knows or has previous experience to use this particular software (for eg. Adobe). So, learning what is required by that organization can be very useful. We may get hired soon as we have a high probability percentage. Mentioning the software name that we have our experience on in our resume can immediately catch the recruiter’s eyes.

Developing both hard and soft skills like communication, teamwork, etc is also crucial to get hired.

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